Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Finch Cambridge located?
Finch Cambridge is located at 675 Concord Ave Cambridge, MA 02138, across the street from Fresh Pond. Finch Cambridge is conveniently located near the Alewife MBTA stop, directly on several bus routes, and adjacent to a cycle-track and local bike paths.

Where is the Finch Cambridge leasing office currently located? Our leasing office is located onsite at 675 Concord Ave, Cambridge, MA. Feel free to stop by at any time during business hours.

What amenities does the community offer?
Residents will enjoy a large multipurpose community room, rooftop terrace, landscaped outdoor space, and secure bicycle and car parking. The property is serviced by an elevator on all floors. Professional management staff and an experienced maintenance team are available onsite. The property includes innovative green sustainable improvements throughout the building including, but not limited to, rooftop solar panels, high efficiency heating and cooling, and healthy finishes throughout.

What are the rents?

All of our rent ranges are based off of area median income guidelines. Rent ranges vary below: 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom: $650 - $2162 2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom: $780 - $2594 3 Bedroom 1.5 Bathroom: $900 - $2997

What are the income restrictions?
All 98 units have some type of income restriction, please see table below.

Unit breakdown by area median income (AMI) levels:

unit x AMI.PNG

Maximum household income by household size and broken down by area median income (AMI) levels:

*Please note that incomes will be determined in accordance with program guidelines and that income limits change annually

Will I need to income certify?
Yes, once you are determined eligible and are selected for an apartment at Finch Cambridge through a lottery, household’s income (all members) will be evaluated prior to move-in to confirm eligibility. Most residents will be recertified annually by building management staff after move-in based on your move-in date, and some households will qualify for re-certification every other year.

Can I live at the building with a voucher?
Yes, vouchers will be welcomed at Finch Cambridge.

Do I need a voucher?
No, you do not need a voucher to apply.

What types of utilities are available?
All in-unit base electricity is paid for by the resident. Heating, cooling, and water are paid for by the owner. If you have a mobile or project-based voucher (Section 8), you will also receive a Utility Allowance from the Housing Authority.

 What programs and resident services are available?
Finch Cambridge will offer a variety of programs and resident services including: a grocery store shuttle, a regular shuttle to the Alewife MBTA station, an on-site no-cost farmer’s market, annual cookouts, holiday dinners, and health and wellness programs. Additional programs include a financial literacy program and the HRI Academic Scholarship program.

Will the building provide a sustainable living environment?
Finch Cambridge will be Passive House certified, aiming to provide residents with a sustainable living environment by using high-performance mechanical and ventilation systems and low-flow water fixtures. These features provide health and comfort with continuously filtered air and no drafts or temperature swings. The structure has an extremely energy-efficient building envelope and solar panels on the roof.

Is there car/bike parking?
The property has 65 car spaces and 104 bike parking spaces available to residents. Please contact the office for more details on our parking availability. Finch Cambridge residents will also have access to a shuttle that runs throughout the day and transports people to and from Alewife MBTA (Red Line) Station.